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WEEK-END: 130km of Mimosa

Dernière mise à jour : 12 mars 2021

The season is almost done but Mimosa is the flower of the winter season. From January to end of March, the bright yellow and amazing smell help you going through the tough winter.

What is mimosa ?

Ok, except the famous cocktail from american brunches made of Champagne + orange juice (= sacrilege for French me), and the mimosa eggs ("oeufs mimosa") famous French recipe where you just mix the yellow of a hard-boiled egg with some mayonnaise, there is also the tree imported directly from Australia in the 19th century by the British sailor James Cook. The yellow pompom flowers release an amazing smell.

This type of Acacia is counting approximately 1,000 different species !

In France, we are lucky to have a "route du mimosa" aka "mimosa road", from Bormes-les-mimosas to Grasse, crossing the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes, not far from the coast.

8 stops, 130km:

Bormes-les-mimosas / Rayol Canadel sur Mer / Sainte-Maxime / Saint-Raphaël / Mandelieu-la-Napoule / Tanneron / Pégomas / Grasse, fragrance world capital that gave an important place to mimosa flower in its famous scents.

This road on a nice sunny day let us enjoy the explosion of colors with the yellow of the flowers, the blue of the sky and sea, and the green of the nature around.

However, this tree is officially recognized as invasive because he prevents the flora development due to its high reproduction.

In floristry, we use it for different purposes but mostly as a pop of color. It looks really good with peach and pale pink tones. Or you can just go for a full monochrome arrangement like the one below, adding some lemons and daffodils.

If you want more info about this famous road, feel free to go on the official page:

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