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How to make your flowers last longer

Dernière mise à jour : 12 mars 2021

You just got nice flowers/bouquet but you really do not know how to care and preserve them.

Easy as 1,2,3...4 points:


Once you pour water into your favorite vase, cut the stems and place them in your vase. The cutting should be on a bevelled edge so the flowers can drink better.

Repeat this everyday if you want your bouquet to last longer: cut stems (about 1.5cm) & change water.

The fresher the water, the better the flowers as it won't let time to bacterias to develop.


Take away all the leaves that could be in the water. The stems need to be super clean, otherwise the water will get dirty quickly.


Try to find a place where it is not to warm. Never place your bouquet close to the heating, computer or even fruits, because it makes the flowers die sooner.


There is a misconception when we talk about cut flowers and Sun. Let's be clear: your flowers are dead since they had been cut in their field. And the Sun will just accelerate their death. If you place them somewhere shady, they will last longer.


Lilac: do not cut the stems! For all of those "wooden" stems, you will need to cut in the middle or even smash the extremity of the stem with a hammer to stimulate the sap.

Tulips: they do not need much water. If they are a bit down when you receive them, just wrap them entirely in humidified paper with lukewarm water. Also, tulips continue to grow while in a vase.

Gerbera: not too much water neither

Poppies: never cut the stem but cauterise them by burning the extremity of the stem with a lighter.

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